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Literature review on the Chinese ecosystem management research

Authors: Ma Zhong

If we recapitulate ecosystem management and biodiversity researches carried out since 2003 in China, it can be seen that they are mainly concentrated in the following areas, namely, integrated ecosystem management, ecological compensation mechanism, ecosystem services, ecological security and ecological economy.

I. Integrated ecosystem management

Integrated ecosystem management is a set of new management ideas and methods. Currently, both governmental bodies and academic circles have different understanding of the term. Academics have also examined, from various angles, its theories and empirical applications, hence bestowing plentiful new interpretations on the content and application of this notion.

In recent years, integrated ecosystem management has developed both in theory and practice. Wang Rusong (2003) thinks that management issues are, theoretically speaking, at the crux of China’s environmental pollution and ecological damage. These issues include standstill to, or depletion of resource metabolism in terms of time and space, disjunction and conjunction of system-coupling in terms of structural and functional relations, conflicts and disorder in social behaviour vis-à-vis economic-ecological management. To resolve these problems, the author puts forward, from a theoretical angle, a complex ecosystem management that combines regional resources, environment and economy. He then brings forward the notion of industrial eco-management, which means turning environmental input into ecological output, thus enhancing equilibrium and coordinated development between ecological and economic assets, ecological and industrial infrastructure, as well as ecosystem and social service functions.

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