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Religious Daoism

Auteurs : Yang Xusheng

Extrait de «  Qilu Press, Jinan: 1991, 1st edition. »

Daoism truly developed when it went from being a type of shamanism to a historical movement. The relationaship between shamanism and history is reflected in the Daodejing, the first complete Daoist writings, which contains new references to metaphysics in the myths and stories it contains. This confers multiple meanings on Laozi’s writings, which can be interpreted on many different levels. Laozi philosophy however is clear. Zhuangzi developed and promoted ontological and existential elements of Laozi’s philosophy that is considered to be a libertarian philosophy similar to philosophical anthropology and which later converged with Buddhist wisdom, or ‘Prajna’ under the influence of neo-Daoism and was incorporated into different branches of Mahayana Buddhism. This led to the birth of Chan, or Zen Buddhism and the golden age of Mahayana Buddhism, which had reached a state of logical perfection.

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