James Goodwin’s Lecture Summary - 中欧社会论坛 - China Europa Forum

James Goodwin’s Lecture Summary

China-Europa Forum, Thessaloniki, Greece – March 2009

Authors: James Goodwin

Date: 21 juillet 2009

First guest speaker was James Goodwin who is the art market lecturer at Christie’s Education and various European universities and author of The International Art Markets. In 25 minutes he set about answering the forum’s introductory questions summarised as follows:

1. What is the nature of the art and art market crisis?

2. Are these crises homogenous or similar/different in time and space?

3. How do the socio-cultural conditions influence these crises?

4. How can today’s crisis be understood?

5. Is art capable of expressing the art market crisis?

6. What rationality links art and its market?

7. What misconceptions are created if we approach art through the market?

8. What will become of art and its market after the crisis?

9. Is it possible to conceive of art beyond the market?

10. Proposals for the Chine-Europe Forum in Nanjing in July 2009?

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