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Rising and Beyond - The Process of China’s Agricultural Reform and an Analysis

Authors: Kong Xiangzhi

Extract from ” China Renmin University Press, 2008“

This book analyses the 30-year process of China’s agricultural reform, its main stages, as well as the outcome and remaining challenges from a perspective of institutional changes. Every stage of the reform is discussed using the New Institutional Economics approach. The background information of policy implementation, its features and main content at each stage will be discussed. The book provides a system review of 14 topics related to the entire process of reform such as food security, land policy, rural labour mobility, agricultural science and technology, rural finance, rural specialised cooperative economic organisations, circulation of agricultural products, internationalisation of agriculture, the development of rural non-agricultural industries, rural compulsory education and health, forestry ecological construction, rural development and poverty reduction, as well as industry-agriculture and urban-rural relations, followed by a review of the various policy contents and their evolution.

This book points out that the opening up and reform of China’s agricultural policy underwent the stage of promoting and improving the household contract responsibility system and reconstructing a microfoundation for rural economic organisations; the stage of deepening and perfecting the agricultural products flow system reform, as well as adjusting and optimising the structure of agricultural property; the stage of promoting industrialisation of agriculture and establishing a robust agricultural social service system; and the stage of raising the agricultural integrated production capacity and of vigorous modern agriculture development. In the future, China’s agricultural policy will focus on establishing a public finance system for all rural areas and raising competitiveness of agricultural markets. In addition, research has shown that since the reform and opening up, basic elements of input such as fertilisers and machinery play an important role in the process of agricultural growth, whereas the pricing system and finance system do not have a significant impact on agricultural growth.

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