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The concept and the dynamics of the art market

The creation of the art markets – the western experience

Authors: James Goodwin

Date: 2010

Here are the proposed questions which are similar to those discussed in Thessaloniki in March 2009

However, for this conference I have updated a few facts and refined some of my opinions based on further research

Therefore, I will make comparisons between my findings where new and where emphasis is needed

My overall aim is to provide an analysis from the viewpoint of creation/production, the consumer and society

I note that the underlying theme of this pre-lunch session/Topic A is to review the development and exchange between China and European art since the 20th century

That is, based on differences in historical background, geography and culture, with the emphasis on evaluations and suggestions from others

The discussion method is for the Chinese members to comment on the development of European contemporary art, and the European members to comment on the evolution of Chinese art since the 20th century

I have taken account of this in my research though this has a naturally Western bias despite help from Chinese art market associates

Considering the breadth of my subject I could be here all day speaking to you!

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