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New settings for the development of China’s non-governmental organisations

Authors: Deng Guosheng

Date: 2004

Published by Published in Xuehui, Issue no.10

Abstract: The milieu for the development of China’s NGOs has undergone radical changes since 1978. In terms of macro-environment, the Chinese government has instituted a series of economic, political and social reforms that have marked a breakthrough in the state monopolisation of resources and strict control over private activities, policies in place during planned economy era. Relations between state and market, as well as that between state and society, have been restructured, thus favouring the existence and development of all kinds of NGOs, providing them with ample scope for their activities. Moreover, China’s WHO membership and the surge of globalisation have further boosted their growth. In terms of micro-environment, although various social problems and needs have arisen during the present transitional period, nevertheless, a new, intermediate social stratum is gradually taking form, under the impact of China’s continuous economic growth. With their increased leisure time, citizens are tending to participate more in voluntary work. In conclusion, ever since China began to open up, NGOs have been offered unprecedented opportunities, while at the same time, encountering a multitude of problems and challenges.

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