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T44e International law and peaceful use of outer space

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- Preparatory documents for the workshops - meeting in Paris in July 2009

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Workshop presentation

The peaceful use of outer space brought is menaced by military and para-military character of space activities. The international law shall pay a more essential role in safeguard the peace order of outer space and in promote the cooperation in space activities.

China is becoming an important space faring nation while firmly adhere to the principle of peaceful use of outer space.

The establishment of workshop on “international law and peaceful use of outer space” is an event that marks the furthering of the collaboration between China and Europe in promoting the common interest of mankind in the high frontier of the human society.

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Topics for debates

The main objectives of the Workshop are:

  • to consider the connotation of common good in outer space exploration and exploitation;
  • to promote understanding, acceptance and implementation of the United Nations treaties and principles on outer space;
  • to promote exchange of information on national space laws and policies;and
  • to discuss institution-building in outer space by taking into consideration experiences of existing legal regimes on Earth (the Area, Antarctica, etc.)

About us

Prime mover in China

Mr. ZHAO Haifeng (赵海峰), Professor, Director of the Space Law Institue and Dean of the School of Law, Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Prime mover in Europe

Mr. Stephan Hobe, Professor of Public International Law, European Law, European and International Economic Law
Director of the Institute of Air and Space Law
University of Cologne


Mr. LI Bin (李滨), Associate Professor, assistant Dean of the School of Law, Harbin Institute of Technology

Workshop’s news

  • A high level workshop will be constituted for long term existence.
  • A portal of the Workshop will be constructed and enriched in content.