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List of Donors

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List of Donors

- YUAN Xikun: The Nature (Chinese Calligraphy)
- FANG Yujie: Commandments to My Children (Chinese Calligraphy)
- HONG Liang: Ode to Bamboo (Chinese Calligraphy)
- YANG Xusheng: Back to the Blue Sky (Chinese Calligraphy)
- ZHANG Dengqiang: Leave the White Emperor City in the Morning(Chinese Calligraphy)
- CHEN Wei: The Purple Air comes from the east - an auspicious omen (Chinese Painting)
- HE YuChun: Be as Lucky as Desired (Chinese Painting)
- JIA Hongli: Beautiful Rural Landscape (Chinese Painting)
- LIU Chenguang: Angling Alone (Chinese Painting)
- LI Jiafu: Reading Platform (Chinese Painting)
- MAO Wei: Fresh New Start (Chinese Painting)
- XIE Jun: A Basket of Spring Scenery (Chinese Painting)
- ZHOU Baojun: Watch (Chinese Painting)
- ZHANG Chunxiao: Ode to the Plum Blossom(Chinese Painting)
- ZHOU Mo: Looking for Flowers (Chinese Painting)
- GUO Jian: Old Ji Nan • Lotus Street (Oil Painting)
- XU Chenyang: Musa basjoo A(Oil Painting), Musa basjoo B(Oil Painting)
- ZHAO Li: Painting at the Yaoli Town (Oil Painting)
- ZHOU Yingchao: Free Land (Oil Painting)

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