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Spirit of the Forum in a nutshell

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Dialog is the expression of diversity and of unity: it reflects, all at the same time, the deep diversity of every society, the many differences between China and Europe, and the unity of the challenges the two societies are facing.

True dialog is built over time: the Forum wishes to promote global, continuous dialog in a constant movement toward greater depth, which will be the expression of societies. This will be possible if everyone remains involved over time.

The dialog is inclusive and plural: it endeavours to associate participants of all backgrounds and from all the regions of China and of Europe.

Dialog begins with everyone’s individual experience: the Forum’s unique facilitation and summarisation method takes full advantage of experience sharing amongst participants and makes it possible to put a lot of effort into building clarity through the summarisation of complex themes.

This was the spirit in which the Forum Charter was drawn up, which offers an ethics, objectives and working procedures.

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