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Workshops to enhance the dialog

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Dialog takes place within workshops, i.e., work groups made up of Chinese and European participants representing the diversity of their societies. The workshops each comprise several stakeholders under the leadership of its prime movers and the support of its 4 pillars.

Workshops are a place for sharing, production and concrete proposals

Every workshop is designed as an area of reference around a theme. It is a place:

  • to confront ideas;
  • for comparative resources on China and Europe;
  • to make concrete proposals and investigate co-operation possibilities.

The key players and participants are free to propose documents as contributions to their workshop; these may be meeting or visit reports, memos on their thoughts, case studies or experience reports, or previously published articles.

They contribute to the common challenges

Every workshop is to participate in identifying and deepening the common strategic lines and to provide answers to the major common questions crucial for the future of the two societies and their relations.

They share the teachings

Every workshop is responsible for circulating its results and making them visible in such a way that all the workshops can benefit from the innovations introduced by each of them. This sharing guarantees the continuity and deepening of workshop activity between biennial meetings.