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Proposal of common agenda

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- This agenda is an overview of the coming year with deadlines that we offer, to organize the preparation of the 3rd Biennial in 2010.

Fall 2009 Confirmation of discussion topics, writing in the joint note of issue; Selection of participants in China and Europe, writing workshops pages on the site
Winter 2010 Sending and translation of documents shared by the participants and summaries of the discussions that will have took place at distance. Exchanges between the teams and the workshops to share information - identification of the new networks, co-financing opportunities, etc.
Spring 2010 Logistic organization, finalization of the programs and travel, booking tickets and visas, programs of the plenaries and the work groups, learning of the Desmodo methodology. Definition of a "model" program of a workshop and the format and content of the restitution
Summer 2010 The third biennial meeting of the Forum will be held in July 2010. The plenary sessions will be held in Hong Kong on 12-13-14 July 2010
Fall 2010 Collection and use of the collective results of the meeting