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Issues of Urbanization and Urban Governance Discussed in Paris

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March 15, 2012

The roundtable entitled ”Urbanization and Urban Governance: How do China and Europe address these issues” was held in Paris on March 9. A dozen of Chinese and European experts, scholars, politicians and architects assembled at the meeting room of FPH building. The roundtable was organized by China Europa Forum and supported by FPH and the European leading think-tank Friends of Europe.

In the morning, President CHEN Yan made a speech of welcome which was then followed by a keynote speech by President Pierre Calame on his reflections on the European urban development in 20th century. He introduced European urbanization in the past 50 years to the rest discussants, which aroused a heat debate on a series of issues, including how will China learn from the European experience, and what roles of such elements as population, economy, concepts, society and culture to play in urbanization.

In the afternoon, Mr. LI Tie, Director, China Center for Urban Development of NRDC addressed a speech on the Chinese current situation in urban development. His frank, concise and bold statements dazzled the European attendees, and offered them a rare opportunity to understand real China. After that, a second round of debate was more lively and animated.

President Calame and President CHEN Yan spoke highly of this discussion and expressed their interest to continue such high-quality dialogue in future activities.

From Left to Right: Dr. CHEN Yan (Executive President of China Europa Forum), Mr. LI Tie (Director, China Center for Urban Development, NDRC), Ms. YAN Min (Coordinator of China Europa Forum in Brussels), Prof. CHEN Shuo (Deputy Director, Fuzhou Planning and Design Institue), Prof. ZHAN Qingming (Associate Dean, School of Urban Design, Wuhan University)

Group Photo of most participants

In the discussion

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