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Title and code of workshops

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The title of a workshop is made up of a code and a topic. The code allows us to classify a workshop in a category, socio-professional or thematic, in a group and in a sub-group.

It can be read as followed :

S (category) – 1 (group) – 1 (sub—group) – a (letter specific to a workshop).

The above example, the workshop S11a – Place and Role of Religions in a Harmonious Society, is a socioprofessional workshop, group S1, sub-group S11. The letter "a" differenciates it from other workshops of the same sub-group.

The workshops bearing the letters "a" or "b" are mostly workshops which were held during the second biennial meeting of the Forum in 2007 and follow up the dialogue during the third biennial meeting in 2009. Please read the correlation map of the workshops’ codes (pdf, 36 Ko).