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Two search engines for greater efficiency

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Using the search engines

There are two search engines on the Web site:

  1. "SEARCH" : a Google-based engine that does full-text search through the entire Forum Web site;
  2. "DOCUMENTARY SEARCH" : a search engine specific to the Documentation section, Scrutari-based, which searches through the documents produced or collected in the framework of the China-Europa Forum.

The documentary search : one search engine for two catalogues

The documentary search engine offers two search levels:

A search through the China-Europa Forum catalogue: All the documents of the Forum have been indexed by the specialists of Ritimo. According to the taped key words, Scrutari, will examine your request and will submit to you all the corresponding documents available in the Forum catalogue in English, French and Chinese.

A search through the CoreDem catalogue enlarged to all CoreDem partners: the China-Europa Forum is a member of the Coredem - confederation of resources for a world democracy - which gathers many partners resource Web sites. You can expand your request to their catalogs, which do not deal specifically with China and Europe, but are related to a lot of interesting topics.