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About sharing documents with us

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Nature of shared documents

The catalogue of documents is the result of a selection made by all participants of the Forum, which do a collective watch. The documents present the facts, the debates and the ideas of each society as well as the construction of the dialogue between them. They facilitate the comparison of situations and views on common issues. Without exception, the Chinese participants share documents on the situation in China and the European participants on the situation in Europe. Mutual interjections and questions are welcome, but they should be done in the interactive forums.


Anyone can share a document with the community on one of the Forum themes. The website administrator reserves the right to publish only the documents which respect the conditions and the values of the Forum Charter.

We make all these documents available for downloading and, insofar as possible, in the three official languages of the Forum – English, Chinese and French. If the documents are large, we will offer a link to the Web site where it can be downloaded.

The conditions for sharing a document with the Forum are to hold its copyright for online publication:

  1. You are the author of the document and you own its copyright: in this case, you will be asked to choose a Creative Commons license.
  2. You are not the legal owner of the document but you would like to submit it to us: you will have to provide us with the authorisation of the copyright holder. To do so, we have put at your disposal a Model for the authorisation of publication by a third party (PDF, 67.2 Ko), which you can have the copyright holder fill out and send to us via e-mail to copyright@china-europa-forum.net, fax or mail.

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons offers six different types of copyright licenses for free, so you can disseminate your work and allow others to use it according to the terms you have selected.

These licenses allow copyright holders to authorise certain types of public use, as well as to exclude commercial use or derivative work or to condition its sharing.

These licenses can be used for all types of work: texts, films, photos, music, Web sites, etc.

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