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Workshop’s news

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— The workshop will meet in Chengdu 8-12 July 2010 with the theme "Religiosity in Modernity". Participants will come from Sweden, Norway, Italy, Great Britain, Switzerland and China, and represent Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, Buddhism and the academic world.

— On Feb, 13, 2009 : Fredrik Fällman, Jean Fischer and Yang Xusheng participed to a debate with Chinese Internet users on Qiangguo Forum. The topic was "religion and society".
> Download the debate in Chinese and French (pdf, 477 Ko) or read it directly on

— An intermediate meeting was held on 3-6 Oct 2008 at the Sigtuna Foundation near Stockholm on the topic : "Religion and Society: the challenge of multiple identities". (PDF, 87 Ko)
- Read press release from this meeting