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Workshop’s news

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Following the workshop on nationalism which took place in 2007 in Paris, the China-Europe Forum organizes another meeting of different participants on the same subject. Representatives of European and Chinese teams will meet in Hong-Kong to discuss and exchange on the subject.

The approach referring to Europe and the analysis taking into account the historical evolution of Chinese nationalism will be the chief points of view of the workshop. Under the heading “Globalization and identification: the paradox of Chinese nationalism” the workshop seeks to discuss in depth the paradoxes and tensions of nationalism in its different aspects: cultural identity, systems of value as well as political, economic, sociological or geostrategic aspects. Let us mention the most evident: cosmopolitism and Sino-centrism, soft power and hard power, power policy and noninterference in internal affairs, global system and national specificity, political dictatorship and economic opening, values and interests, political identification and cultural clash, etc.

In order to facilitate the progress of the workshop, participants have to choose in advance a main subject of consideration to sustain the debate and, after the workshop, to put together a written synthesis of what the discussions will have produced.