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Workshop’s news

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At the birth of this workshop….

-  a proximity between responsible of the “Yellow River Conservancy Commission”, Ministry of water Resources ,PR china, and of the Rhône river and Mediterranean Water agency in France, and then of the International Network of Basin organisations (INBO), especially his European network

-  a shared will for exchanging experiences between European Union and Chinese Government, (2007-2013 river basin management programme)

-  and personal relationship under development , with the recent organisation ,on 18 March 2009, of a specific side event “ EU-China dialogue on integrated river basin management “at the fifth world water forum, in Istanbul

-  a workshop in Paris on July 22-24

A wish and will of open dialogue between men, in harmony with the China-Europa Forums’ chart

The workshop

Its theme “Integrated Management of Large River Basin”, covers the common challenges of China and Europa, identified at the 2007 forum:” tradition and modernity, sustainable development and harmonious society, more integrated and participative governance.

This theme took a large place at the world congress of Istanbul, in March 2009, with a lot of contributions, and especially:

-a special session “basin management and trans-boundary cooperation”, with 63 communications,

-a regional “Europe session” presenting the implementation of the European water framework directive”

-a meeting of exchanges between managers and experts within the “china europa side event

-and the ministerial declaration of the forum, which supports “the implementation of integrated water resources management (IWRM), when appropriate, trough international cooperation”

The principal documents are now available on the web site …….., and the abstracts of conclusions will soon be on the workshop’s site

The workshop animation

It doesn’t aim to paraphrase all the work already made , but rather to take as basis 2 or 3 emerging and relevant themes relative to “basin management plans ,or master plans “ , and to think and progress together on : the key issues , the main obstacles to the progress, the controversies that should be deepened ,the promising experiences ,etc..

knowing that two other Forum’s workshops deal with “the water governance” (T52 a) and with “promoting echo hydrology for the sustainable management of ecosystems and water resources” (T52 c)

Unlike the usual course of congress, which gives few time to discussions following speeches or presentations, the workshop will be centred on debates between participants; to allow a better comprehension of the situations in China and Europa.

The conclusions and key points will be enhanced during the plenary sessions of the forum on 22-23and24 July in Hong-Kong,

The workshop’s website will also allow continuous exchanges, on the main important themes identified …While waiting the next meeting of the China-Europa Forum…in Europe.

But we are now only at the beginning of the adventure!