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- Preparatory documents for the workshops - meeting in Paris in July 2009

- *Contribution to the debates : Extract from G.Haour’s book, From Science to Business, to be published in October 2010 by Palgrave ("

- China-Europa Forum catalogue

Find the references of five key documents:

- (1) Karen Kastenhofer (2010) “Do we need a specific kind of technoscience assessment? Taking the convergence of science and technology seriously” Springer-Verlag 2010
- (2) Anthony D. So (2008) “Is Bayh-Dole Good for Developing Countries? Lessons from the US Experience” PLoS Biology Vol. 6, Issue 10
- (3) Roberto Mazzoleni (2006) “The Effects of University Patenting and Licensing on Downstream R&D Investment and Social Welfare” Journal of Technology Transfer, 31, 431-441
- (4) Patrick Jones (2008) “Technology Transfer: Achieving Balance in New Ways, Old Way and Always” International Patent Licensing Seminar
- (5) Martin Kenny (2009) “Reconsidering the Bayh-Dole Act and the Current University Invention Ownership Model” Research Policy 28 1407-1422

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