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An Analysis of Farmers’ Willingness to Adopt Sustainable Agricultural Technology

Authors: Wang Xulong

Date: juillet 2008

Published by Journal of Ecological Economy

Although China has been successful in promoting sustainable agricultural technology to a certain extent, it is still unsatisfactory overall: in terms of technology supply, technology demand and environmental policies, there is still great insufficiency. Following China’s current attention to the ecological environment and the introduction of relevant policies, finding the factors influencing farmers’ use of sustainable agricultural technology and raising targeted technology-promoting measures in order to promote sustainable development of agriculture is currently an urgent and significant issue.

Studies on the relationship between salient characteristics of users and non-users of sustainable agriculture shows that the main factors affecting farmers’ willingness to adopt sustainable agricultural technology are as follows: (1) farm characteristics; (2) family characteristics (farmer characteristics); (3) system variables; and (4) other factors.

Research method: While carrying out the survey, allow farmers to choose between current agricultural technology and two other hypothetical sustainable agricultural technologies. The hypothetical sustainable agricultural technologies produce similar effects as the current technology, but one of the two will pollute the environment whereas the other will not affect human health. Obtain two continuous variables - farmers’ willingness to pay for environment and for human health, then apply the factors influencing farmers’ willingness to pay to measure the factors affecting farmers’ adoption of sustainable agricultural technology.

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