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S15a Journalists and responsibility (WS15)

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Creation in 2007 In progress


- Preparatory documents for the workshops - meeting in Paris in July 2009

- China-Europa Forum catalogue

Workshop presentation

On Oct 4-5 2007, during the Second Biennial, the workshop (WS15) was held in Lille (North of France), gathering 15 European and 7 Chinese participants plus the organizers and 6 Chinese journalists, trainees at l’école supérieure de journalisme de Lille (ESJ), who hosted the event. The topics were: the role of Internet; the training of journalists and media managers; media funding; relations between media and public authorities.

Topics for debates

- 1. The training of journalists and education to responsibility;
- 2. The coverage by European and Chinese media of issues that are the centres of controversy between China and Europe: for example Tibet, the Olympic flame, the referenda on the European constitution, food security, the evolution of Europe, contaminated milk, mad cows, nuclear security at the aftermath of Chernobyl, the international financial crisis;
- 3. Ways of regulating the journalists ethic instaured by the profession ;
- 4. Similarities between censorship by the State on the Chinese side and the impact of economic concentration and short-term views in the media on the European side;
- 5. Search for a new economic model for the media with the widespread use of Internet;
- 6. The role of public media in the freedom of information: Chinese journalists have as only alternative reference to their own situation the United States where the domimant ideology is that the commercial media ensure independence.

About us

The International Alliance of journalists, is the European prime mover of this workshop since 2007.