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S22c The involvement of youth in initiatives of communitary development and voluntary work at local level

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Workshop presentation

The workshop aims to add a youth dimension to the dialogue between European and Chinese societies. In particular this workshop will tackle the dialogues on the construction of a harmonious society and sustainable development and on Participative and integrated governance.

In view of organising a workshop, a delegation of around 10 Young European Youth Leaders representing different types and levels of youth organisations and geographical scope and an equivalent number of Young Chinese. The profile of the participants should be targeted to the specific theme of the workshop. It is foreseen as well the participation of an experts or a researcher on the topic in order to provide keynote speakers at the opening of the workshop (one from Europe and one from China).

Along enriching the various dialogues taking place at the China-Europe Forum, one of the expected outcome of the workshop is to start up a China-Europe Scheme on capacity building of youth organisations to train leaders and strengthen their cooperation and experience sharing.

Topics for debates

Topics for debates

This broader themes will be discussed in general and then by focusing on youth organisations as concrete tool for fostering the dialogue and build a participative and integrated governance through “community youth work”. One of the key question in this regards is how to make youth organisations attractive to young people? sharing experiences and ideas, reaching out, mobilization, motivation.

sub topics

- 1. Enhance Young People’s Interest in Ideology and Participation
- 2. Ways for Grass-roots Youth Organizations to Attract and Reach out to Young People
- 3. Youth Organizations Serve the Needs of Young People
- 4. The Role of Political Youth Organizations to Represent and Safeguard the Legitimate Rights and Interests of Young People

About us

European Youth Forum: Established in 1996, The European Youth Forum is the Platform of the National Youth Councils and International Non-Governmental Youth Organisations in Europe. With 99 Members has its main goal to represent and defend the interest of young people in Europe. This is the European prime mover for the Forum.

Giuseppe Porcaro is the Secretary General of the European Youth Forum, 30 Years old, PhD in Geography of Development. He has an extensive experience in youth policy development and in the past he has been chairing the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe and he has been among the founders of the Italian National Youth Council (FNG).

All China Youth Federation: Established in 1949, the All-China Youth Federation (ACYF) is a federative body of Chinese youth organizations and excellent youth nationwide. Through its 52 member organizations, the ACYF reaches over 300 million young people across China. ACYF aims to represent and protect the legitimate rights and interests of young people and promote youth participation and development. This is the Chinese prime mover.

European participants to the workshop held in China in July 2009

Peter Matjašič, Secretary-General of the Young European Federalists (JEF-Europe) in Brussels. in Feb-May 2008 he was the national coordinator of the EuroGlobe project in Slovenia. In May – Dec 2007, he was a campaign officer for the European referendum campaign (www.europeanreferendum.eu). Since 2000, he is free-lance translator for Skrivanek d.o.o. (German & English texts: e.g. EU legislation). In 2002-2004, he managed a project at the Gallus J. Carniolus art institution (cultural management)

Abel Polese from Napoli (Italy). PhD in Social Sciences in Brussels. Since 1998 he is involved with voluntary work and Non-Governmental Organizations, first as a volunteer (short term project in Romania 1998, Slovenia 1999 and Bulgaria 2000), then as regional coordinator for the Balkan region for SCI (Service Civil International) and then as trainer in the former USSR. Since 2001 Abel has been working with Asian organization, first visiting new partners (Indonesia 2001, Korea 2002) and then participating as resource person and project manager in activities with Vietnam. He is currently coordinating a project submitted by EstYes to the European Commission to work on sustainable development in cultural diversity between Europe and Asia

Esther Vallado. Environmental Services Professional Gijóet région, Espagne Environmental instructor at Gaia - Association for biodiversity management and conservation Project development assistant at IUCN - World Conservation Union Technical-sales environmental engineer at Lenntech - Water and air treatment I.E.S. Luces, Colunga Coventry University