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European Prime Mover: Pierre-Normann GRANIER, manages a website and a magazine on comptemporary art (France/Chine). He is a Photograph and a teacher at the Fine Art School of Paris.
Chinese Prime Mover : Li Gongming (李公明), Professor at Canton Fine Art Institute, head of the Faculty of Art history .

Participants to the workshop held in July 2009 in China

Laurence Aegerter, French, lives and works in Amsterdam. She is a multidisciplinary visual artist using mostly photograpy as a medium.Aegerter is also working in the art educational branche since 15 years, in the Rijksmuseum (Dutch National Gallery), Van Gogh Museum and Hermitage museum Amsterdam, as a program developper and teacher ; Rémy Aron; Daniel Purroy, French Artist ; Emilie Bonnard, French Artist living actually in China; Sun Guangkuo, Chinese Artist and Student at l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris La Villette

XIN Lijian (信力健); WEI Bi (魏壁); LIANG Xiaoyan (梁晓燕); LIAO Ling’er (廖陵儿); LI Fangfang (史方方); PENG Yanhan (彭嫣菡); LU xing (卢甡); ZHANG Wenlei (张文磊); CHEN Yu (陈宇); CENG Min’er (曾敏儿); GUAN Xiaolei (关小蕾); DAN Ni’er (丹尼尔)