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Topics for debates

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A) Topics for debate from Europe:

- Organization of arts education
- Attitude of teachers
- Interaction between teaching art and social environments professionals
- Diplomas
- Exchange between schools and countries
- What is an artistic approach?
- Professionalization of Teaching
- Question of the marketization
- The monitoring of students after their training
- Joint activities between Chinese and European

More details proposals in French

B) Motions for debate from China:

- Different models of arts education
- Arts education and cultural innovation
- Relations between artistic exchanges and education of art
- Different approaches to art education in cultural production
- Relationship between education and contemporary artistic creation
- Question of arts education in popular education
- Design of arts education in modern Europe and historical research and reflection from the introduction of this system in China
- Comparison of arts education between Europe and China (type of school system, teacher and source of students, programs and teaching materials, teaching methods, etc.)
- Contribution of expérience on arts education