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Topics for debates

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First part:
- How to prevent a cultural globalisation along with an economic globalization?
- In discussing the individual and the society, the communalities more than the differences should be stressed
- Identifying a kind of systematic comparative system over both societies in order to seek solutions
- Discussing the influence of modern technology in European and Chinese present-day societies
- How to prevent consumerism to become the major force in modern society?
- Keeping in mind that in a globalizing world, the individual and society in China and Europe are facing the same problems
- Identifying, in China and in Europe, the values which are currently leading to a sustainable and harmonious society
- Identifying, in China and in Europe, the behaviors which result from this in various fields (economy, finance, urban policy, social life, medicine, education, food, environment, etc…).

For these themes, following issues should be discussed: · the main obstacles; · the themes that are object of controversies and for which reflections and exchanges should be deepened; · the experiences viewed as the most promising; · the cooperation to initiate or to pursue.

Second part:
- Focus points common for all the workshops: the four common themes identified in the synthesis of the conclusions of the 46 workshops of the second biennial:
Challenge 1: the model of development to move toward a sustainable and harmonious society/ Challenge 2: tradition and modernity; openness and identity/ Challenge 3: a more integrated and participative governance/ Challenge 4: the responsibility of China and Europe as global players

- Discussion on how the workshop enriches the reflection on each of the four common challenges, focusing on the most important challenges for the workshop. Identification for each challenge: the obstacles, the experiences,· the perspectives of solution,· the common actions to take.