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Workshop presentation

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The dialogue on Jurists’ role and responsibility in the society in the process of internationalization of the law in which the collaboration between different legal cultures becomes an indispensable method for imagining a community of values that is still to be constructed.

This dialogue is particularly useful for the Chinese law because it contributes to lead a real reflection on the signification of China’s return to law from the end of 1970s on and on the challenges to be answered. For the European jurists, taking part into the dialogue permits to learn together with the Chinese jurists who are very clearly confronted with the key issues of “the creation of a new order”.

The works made in the framework of the workshop invite both Chinese and European jurists to examine their responsibilities and the concept of responsibility in the context of the emerging paradigm of governance that places itself beside the more classical form of the “rule of law” and belongs to a philosophy of responsabilisation of all those who are concerned.

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