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Workshop presentation

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In recent years, Africa has attracted more attention from China and Europe. The Europe-African Summit has been held twice since 2000. In December 2005, the EU issued the document titled ‘The EU and Africa: Towards a Strategic Partner’ in pursuit of a fair and new strategic partnership with Africa. On the other hand, as the biggest donor to Africa among the developing countries, China has enhanced its cooperation with Africa both in breadth and in depth in the areas of political, and economic relations, trade, culture, education, healthcare … etc. With no doubt, Africa, the world’s last virgin land, cannot be underestimated in its strategic value with regard to its energy and market for both China and Europe.

The relationship between China and the EU has been progressing with ups and downs since the establishment of the diplomatic relation in 1975. In 2004, it was located to be ‘a comprehensive strategic partnership’. However, there have been conflicts between the parties in the recent two years especially in the rise of concerns of “China Threat” among Europeans along with China’s increasing economic power and international influence. The ascent of China is often misinterpreted as a challenge to Europe’s development as well as its interest in other parts of the world. Today, the impacts of the financial tsunami are spreading around the globe, marking the advent of an era of complete reform. In this turning point of history, the countries over the world are seeking the future’s model and scope of development and so do China and Europe. From this point of view, China and Europe, thus, meet each other in Africa.

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