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The Prime Movers

Mr. LAN Yun (蓝云), Chief Deputy Editor of Oeeee Information and Technology Company, represents the Workshop in China, with the help of Miss Suzy JIANG (姜丽萍); for the European side, the Prime Mover is Mrs Armony ALTINIER (聂和美) (France), Director of ACS Horizons Ltd, consultant for China and Web accessibility, and Webmaster of the China-Europa Forum’s Website.


  • Europe: Mrs Armony ALTINIER (聂和美)
    • Email: armony AT acs-horizons DOT fr
    • Tel.: +33.178178855
  • China: Miss Suzy JIANG (姜丽萍), assistant of Mr. LAN Yun (蓝云)
    • Email: springtears AT 163 DOT com