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Workshop presentation

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Sustainable mobility is a new challenge for urban transport. 40 % of the French flows of passengers and 53% of the emissions of gas with greenhouse effects by transport activities occur in cities. Minimization of energy consumption and CO2 emissions in such complex systems need cooperation between public and private stakeholders to define and undertake actions and to evaluate evolutions.

To achieve cost-benefits analysis in transport domains, many efforts have been made to give a monetary value to the improvements of security and accessibility (reduction of travel times and congestion) to compare them with the investment and operation expenses. The comparisons of the efficiency and CO2 emissions of different transport modes are still limited to the effects of the choices of individuals between private car and public transport (eg ,… ) The methods to compare the consequences on the climate of public decisions about organization of transport, traffic management, urban and transport planning are still to be invented and tested. The data necessary to make appropriate calculations will probably come from different actors, which means, that it is practically impossible to do these comparisons until they cooperate to share and distribute these data.