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S21a Role and responsibility of women (WS21)

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Catalogue of the China-Europa Forum

About us

Chinese Prime Mover : Mrs HAN Xiangjing

European Prime Mover : Geneviève de Beco

I was born in Paris after the Second World War and grew in Alsace near of the German frontier with my 5 brothers and sisters. As my father had staid a long time in German jails and deportation, the war was very present during my childhood. I have studied literature and psycho- sociology at the Sorbonne and I am working as a free lance consultant in the areas of adult education, market and social research, creativity, cross – cultural communication. My husband, Chen Yan is a Chinese. I met him in Paris. We “go back” to China every year with our 18 years old daughter, Chen Melie. Our every day’s life is half and half. We use forks and chopsticks and cumulate values and habits on both sides. I’m sure that half-caste and cultural hybridizing is a big chance for a successful life. I am very proud to be a prime mover for this workshop.

Roberta Zavoretti

I am an Italian national with a background in Chinese Studies (Ca’ Foscari, Venice), and Social Anthropology (SOAS, London). I am now writing my PhD dissertation on rural to urban migration in East China after spending 13 months doing fieldwork in Nanjing. Before arriving in London to study anthropology, I have been working in a Brussels-based think-tank to promote Asia-EU relations, in close contact with the EU institutions and Asian Representations in Brussels. Between 1996 and 2001 I also spent two and a half years studying and working in different Chinese cities: first Beijing, than Tianjin, Nanjing and Shanghai. During these periods I also traveled extensively in the West of the country and was able to appreciate the diversity within this huge country. My involvement with the Forum started in November 2008, when I participated to a preparatory meeting in Barcelona. From the beginning I liked the idea of a non-institutional exchange between Chinese and European people coming from different backgrounds. I hope the Forum will give us a space to share experiences, know each other better, find our common ground.

Isabella Dell’Aquila

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I was born in Italy (at Benevento that is a small town near Naples) and my mother is French and my father is Italian. I’ve been teaching French Language and Literature in Italian Schools for 15 years. I’ve been married for 20 years and have a girl of 20 years old. Her name is Micol Koch and she is studying Italian Literature at La Sapienza, an university in Rome. At present I’m living in Rome with my daughter and I’m working as consultant in Italy for a French Company, Gimca ( www.gimca.net) , specialized in Creativity and innovation.

Amanda Michalopoulou was born in Athens, Greece, in1966. She has studied French Literature in Athens University and has worked for many years as a columnist for greek newspapers. She has published five novels, two short story collections and many children books. She has received the Revmata Award for her story « Life is colourful outside » (1994) and the Diavazo Award for her highly acclaimed novel « Wishbone Memories »(1996). The American translation of her book “I’d Like” won the International Literature Prize by National Endowment for the Arts, in USA. Her novels, stories and essays have been translated in many languages such as English, German, Italian, Swedish, Serbian, Russian, Slovakian, Czech. In 2004 she was a DAAD Fellow in Berlin, Germany and she still shares her life between Berlin and Athens. She has been awarded writers grants by Solitude and Wiepersdorf in Germany, Edward Albee Foundation, Blue Mountain Center, Djerassi in USA, La Napoule in France etc.

Isabelle de Beco I live in Paris since long time where my three childrens are born. My husband is born in the South of France, so we spend all our holidays in his family on the mediterranean seaside. In this place, the way of life, the weather, the vegetation with palm trees, fig trees or lemon trees are very pleasant and really different than in the North. His family had a kind of farm with a restaurant and so I learned the way of growing and cooking of this part of France. I work since twenty five years as a medical doctor, general practicener in the center of Paris with other health workers. The population is very varied and I cure babies, women for gynecological or obstretical problems as well as very old people visiting them at home. I am also involved in education : as a teacher in medical university and also as a leader of an association of medical following education. I like to be engaged like that and actually it is a little easier than when the childrens were young. At this time I was running everywhere and thinking allways I will not succeed to do all what I had to do. I am happy to meet others women and speak with them about this "running live".

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