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S39a Responsible management of executives (WS25)

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The workshop meeting will be hold in Wuhan (Hubei, China) on July, 10-11, 2010 in the framework of the 3rd biennial meeting of the Forum. >- Read the agenda (pdf, 94 Ko)


More : This workshop share its documents on Corporate social responsibility

Documents on responsible management :

Workshop presentation

The management responsible for steering the activities of the company and its governance. This responsibility is mainly in three areas: Environmental (preventing risks, follow standards, manage resources), economic (to preserve the long-term interests, taking into account all costs of production), social and societal (think of the generations to come, meet the social challenges - social protection)

Workshop’s main purposes
- To promote responsible management as a new way of improving corporate performances.
- To make responsible management an element of progress for the whole society, at the company level as well as local and international level,
- That established principles and targets for China and Europe concerning responsible management could be part of a large international scale of certification.

Topics for debates

1/ To think about links between management and responsibility : relation to liberty, assessment, social or economical pressure. Responsible management is also depending on what cultures it takes place in taking in account a world wide context.
2/ To identify some measures, standards, criterion and frames of reference according to actual experiences of higher educating institutions in China and Europe.
3/ To detect obstacles to changes in management policies that could prevent from developing cultures of responsibility or putting into practice acquired knowledges.
4/ To imagine what kind of capitalisation can be done about the efforts realised by the firm for its own employees or for stakeholders.

Expected returns :
- To find a common denominator between China and Europe about the definition of responsibility and management respecting cultural identities.
- To clarified the meaning of a responsible practice in management.
- To set an objective of developing initial or permanent trainings, integrating the notion of responsibility even as practical skills.
- To define references for assessment of progresses realised in an enterprise according to responsible management.
- To settle on evaluative approaches : internal audit, suppliers of extra financial analysis and so on.

About us

Prime mover in China

- Professor Luo Guoxiang, responsible for the Centre of French Studies at the University of Wuhan, China

- Professor Bai Qun, institute of international business, University of Commerce and Industry of Chongqing, China

Prime movers in Europe

- Mr Jean-Paul Bouchet, Vice President of Eurocadres, Secretary General of the CFDT cadres

- Mrs Franca Salis-Madinier, Eurocadres

- Mr Michel Dessaigne, coordinator of the international initiative for social responsibility frameworks (IRESCA)