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T55b Management of mountain territory and ressources development

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- Preparatory documents for the workshops - meeting in Paris in July 2009

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Workshop presentation

There are broad mountain territories both in China and Europe. It is the place with abundant of mineral deposit and biological resources, the source in which numerous rivers originated, and the ecological defense for downstream cities and plain. Management and development of resource in mountain territory is the common consideration both in China and Europe.

The special location and functional effects of mountain territory bring up to the long-term existence of the confrontation between the ecological and environmental conservation, and the economic development. Under the different background of social condition, scholars, officers and farmers from China and Europe need more conversation and understanding between both sides to face the similar challenge and consider the differentiation.

The sustainable development of mountain area is related to the present benefits for the living of the current generation and the long-term profit for the surviving of the future generation. Though under different social and natural resource condition, we face the same challenge. From different territory, different domain and different occupation we gather together in Sino-Euro Social Form, to consider our concerns, discuss the common challenge, impact our thinking, and search the way for solving the problems.

How can we effectively carry out the protection of mountain resources? How can we develop and utilize mountain resources reasonably based on the protection effectively? How can we expand the mountain agriculture related to the superiority of mountain resources? How can we carry out the ecological restoration of post-mining? What measures should be taken in the mountain management? What protecting policies should be made for the mountain management? How can we coordinate the mountain ecology and economy development? ……

The group members of Management and Development of Resource in Mountain Territory will get together to discuss the issues, arouse each other, and search the answers.

Topics for debates

The central issue in the group will be the mountain management and resource development that China and Europe faced to. Discussion, investigation, exchange visits and other forms will be conducted for analysis of the mountainous status, deliberating on mountain management policy, and providing measures for mountain management and development. The main topic of the 3rd Forum will be as follows:

- Protection, Development and Utilization of Mountain Resources. How to carry out the protection of mountain resources. How to develop and utilize mountain resources effectively based on its protection.

- Agricultural development in mountain areas. How to develop mountainous agriculture, the relationship between mountain agricultural development and the mountain environment management, the development models of mountainous agriculture.

- Ecological restoration after mining. Affect of mining on the ecological environment, how to restore the ecological environment effectively in mining areas.

- Mountain governance measures. Technical measures, experiences and lessons on the mountain management in China and European countries.

- Policy guarantee for the mountain management. The function of government agencies and nongovernment organizations in mountain management, the organization way, the preferential policy and the legal protection for the mountain management.

- The ecological and economical coordinated development of mountain area. How to coordinate the relationships between ecological building and the economic development in mountain areas. The way to increase the people’s living standard level in mountainous area.