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Topics for debates

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- Main subjects to be discussed:

— 1. Rethinking the idea, ethic, and philosophy of peace;
— 2. Social, economic and cultural disparities and their connection with human humiliation and social violence;
— 3. The past and future of peace in East Asia;
— 4. Peace and Wars in European history;
— 5. The peace experience of European Union;
— 6. The connection of peace with modernity;
— 7. Responsibility of Europe and China to the maintenance of world peace;
— 8. The institutional safeguards and sustainability of peace ;
— 9. Do we as commoners in society bear any responsibility for peace, what can we do about it?
— 10. What elements in the present world may lead to a break of peace and how to restrain those elements to keep peace?
— 11. Other subjects relating to the maintenance of peace.