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Topics for debates

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As the workshop will provide a unique opportunity to share knowledge and insights on the civil service training, some time could be devoted to:

- Scoping out what is covered or not covered within the term of civil service training eg does it include or exclude training for public service managers and staff or those who work within state companies and other agencies or bodies that provide differing levels of public services to individual citizens and society more generally. Is the definition purely focussed on central government departments and their needs?

- Discussion of the distinction between the general training in areas like staff management and leadership and more specialised training eg economic analysis, public policy formation, policy implementation and evaluation, public sector accounting and financial management, governance and accountability, information technology and information systems and how this is accommodated within the training and development priorities

Discussion of the various training and developmental options that are used ranging from short term half-day/ full day interventions on specific areas to longer term programmes conducted over modules and longer time periods possibly involving formal assessment and accreditation

Specific areas where sharing on practices and experiences might also be beneficial

- 1.The use of instruction and teacher led programmes integrated with technology supported learning via internet or podcasts

- 2.The use of different methods of teaching and training relative to the subject areas and curriculums to be covered eg self directed learning, tutor support, formal lectures

- 3.The linkage of training and development to performance management arrangements or issues arising within the workplace where performance may be impaired due to knowledge deficits

- 4.The extent to which there is a mix of on the job training integrated with other training provided so that the benefits accrue

- 5.The existence of formal / informal training pathways as part of career development and progression

- 6.The process to produce and agree generic v specialist curriculums

- 7.The levels of mandatory or compulsory training elements on staff and managers within the civil or public service

- 8.The culture of continuing professional development and education and the acknowledged need for all staff to re-invest in their own learning and development