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Workshop’s news

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Schedule for Workshop T48a

10th July

- 9:00 Opening ceremony Chinese Participant’s speech of welcome (10mins) Chen Rongyu, vice-director of the Guangdong School of Administration (GSA)

SESSION 1 - MUTUAL KNOWLEDGE General Introduction of Training of the Public Administration Institutes both in China and Europe

1.Presentations by participants from European institutions (10mins each)

Philippe Bastelica, National School of Administration (ENA), France Aidan Horan, Institute of Public Administration, Ireland Jacek Czaputowicz, National School of Public Administration – KSAP, Poland Christian Koch, University of Administrative Sciences Speyer, Germany Pierrick Le Jeune (to be confirmed), Institute for Administration and Civil Service Studies -IPAG- of the University of Western Brittany -UBO. France

Tea break (20mins)

2.Presentations by participants from Chinese institutes of public administration (10mins each) Chen Hongyu, Guangdong School of Administration Chen Xian, Gansu Institute of Administration Cao Gang, Shaanxi Institute of Administration Qi Qing, Shanghai Institute of Administration Huang Xinyue, Guangxi Institute of Administration

- 12:00-14:20 lunch & coffee break

- 14:30 SESSION 2 - SHARING EXPERIENCES Topic 1: How to make civil service training more effective? Topic 2: What are the new challenges we are facing in the area of civil service training?

Moderator : Aidan Horan 1)Presentations by Chinese participants (30mins) 2)Response of European participants(30mins)

Tea break (20mins)

Moderator: Chen Xian 1)Presentations by European participants (30mins) 2)Response of Chinese participants (30mins)

11th July

- 8:30 Departure for Dongguan

- 9:30 SESSION 3 - synthesis and perspective Topic: How to carry on more co-operation and exchange in civil service training among the Chinese and European institutes of public administration

Moderator: Xie Linping 1)General introduction of civil service training in Dongguan Institute of Public Administration; insight visit to the training facilities of the Institute (60mins)

Moderator: Philippe Bastelica 2)Discussing the possible co-operation in civil service training between China and Europe: channels, ways and mechanism (30mins)

Tea break (20mins)

Moderator: Albert Chen Lichuan 3)Summary of the opinions discussed on 10th July (30mins) Chinese participant’s delegate (10mins) European participant’s delegate (10mins) Closing ceremony (10mins)

- 12:30-13:30 lunch

- 14:00-18:00 Sightseeing of historical spots in Guangzhou