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Workshop’s news

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Workgroup Method In order to prepare the workshop in Guangdong, the 6 Chinese and 6 European participants share documents and reflections during three debate sessions on the platform of the workgroup :

First session: 20 Feb-13 March : Themes 1 and 2 Moderated by Prof.Dr.Ch. Stückelberger/ Nicoleta Acatrinei

Second session : 19 April-8 May : Themes 3 and 4 Moderated by Ms Zhou/Long Jin

Third session : 7 th June- 26 June: Theme 5 Moderated by: Long Jin/Nicoleta Acatrinei(or other participants if interest).

Each session is launched by Moderators on the platform of the workgroup. Foundation hosts the platform of the group on . There are three workgroup-sections:

- 1. Documents section – the moderators and the participants (via the moderators) post documents to be consulted by all the participants of the workgroup.
- 2. Forum Section – this section concerns online discussions during the three sessions debate
- 3. Wiki section – if the group agree to publish some final documents after each session debate, these documents are posted in this section

How to use the Platform and Workgroup - pdf -54 kio