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China-Europa Forum

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The China-Europa Forum is an independent initiative launched in 2005.

Its novelty, its magnitude and its usefulness have raised the interest of many public and private institutions on both sides.

The Forum is an informal process. It has no legal status and no members but is rigorously organized, with method, tools and a common body.

It invites the stakeholders of both societies to think about their common future: the future of every society, the future of the relations between them and, more broadly, the future of a deeply interconnected world in which China and Europe will have to assume their responsibilities as major global players.

From its origin, the Forum has been developed and supported by theCharles Léopold Mayer Foundation for Human Progress.

To reach its goals, the China-Europa Forum has mobilised several categories of players:

  • Founding Committee: it is made up of distinguished Chinese and Europeans; they are the guarantors for respect of the Constituent Charter.
  • Organisers:
    • General co-ordination, responsible for the Forum’s common working procedures.
    • Regional co-ordination for China and for Europe: two teams in charge of turning ideas into action and of co-ordinating workshop initiatives. The Europe team is based in Paris, the China team in Hong Kong.
    • Workshop organizers: the organisation of every workshop involves several players:
      1. cities and regions;
      2. universities and research centres;
      3. NGOs, not-for-profit organisations, foundations and companies;
      4. media, and translation and interpretation schools.
  • Strategic partners: these are persons, institutions and networks that, beyond their specific involvement in a workshop or biennial meeting, are committed to supporting the Forum overall and over time.
  • Backers: for the backing that is essential to the life of the Forum. They are institutions providing financial, intellectual or other kinds of backing.
  • Participants community: these are the active members of the Forum, representing all the regions of China and Europe, and all socio-professional backgrounds.
  • Connected networks: these are the networks to which the partners, participants and supporters belong, through which Forum action is therefore also disseminated.