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Pierre Calame Meeting with the President of Renmin University Mr. Ji Baocheng

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- On March 25, 2010,at 9:30am, the Chairman of China-Europa Forum Foundation Mr. Calame held a meeting with the president of Renmin University Mr. Ji Baocheng. They discussed the development of the China-Europa Forum and the cooperation on it.

- In the process of discussion, Mr. Calame introduced the experience and the achievements of the Forum during the passed five years. He said that the establishment of the forum was an attempt to explore a new way of dialogue between Chinese and European societies with a hope of attracting people of different fields. The success of the second biennial meeting held in 2007 on the basis of the first one helped the Forum to become a substantial way of dialogue between China and Europe in the long run. In the discussion Mr.Calame expressed his gratitude for the support and help offered by Renmin University, and he thought highly of the role of Renmin University in the development of the Forum.

- After listening to the introduction of Mr.Calame, Mr. Ji Baocheng praised the achievement of the Forum and its positive role in the communication between China and Europe. He said that the intercourse between two sides shouldn’t be confined to economic trade and it was very important to link up the cultures of the two sides. The establishment of China-Europa Forum explored an effective way for such civil cooperation. Mr. Ji Baocheng expressed his willingness to cooperate with China-Europa Forum to establish a long-term mechanism and lend his help in the third biennial meeting as well as the future development of the Forum.

- At the end of the meeting Mr.Calame invited Mr. Ji Baocheng to attend the third biennial meeting which would be held in Hong Kong in the middle of July. Mr. Ji Baocheng accepted the invitation with pleasure and said that he would attend the meeting on time.


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