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Art Exhibition of “The Strength of Natural Impulses” Kicked Off in Beijing

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Art Exhibition of “The Strength of Natural Impulses” Kicked Off in Beijing

July 30, 2013

Organised by the Executive Committee of the N-Dimension Art Project, NAMO SPACE

With the support of French Embassy in China, China-Europa Forum, the China-Europa Centre at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

General Planner: Ms Yanbo ZHANG

Commentators: Mr Diansheng LEI, Mr Mu LI, Mr Dalin YANG and Ms Dong YANG, Ms Shou YU

Artists: François Bossière, Qianwei SUN, Hong XIE, Sen ZHANG, Yuqing ZHANG

Duration: July 30 to August 6

Location: NAMO SPACE (No. 10 Building in the Vintage, Jianguo Rd., the Chaoyang District, Beijing )

On July 30, a N-Dimension special art exhibition entitled “The Strength of Natural Impulses” kicked off at the Namo Space in Beijing, with the support of the China-Europa Forum, French Embassy in China, and the China-Europa Centre at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Jointly contributed by French artist François Bossière and four Chinese art brut creators - Sen ZHANG, Yuqing ZHANG, Qianwei SUN and Hong XIE, the exhibition will bring us with a bright and limpid experience of visual art. All artificial limitations such as national boundaries, race, religion, sex, age and social ranks, etc. will disappear here; instead, the unaffected rhythm of nature will thrill to our hearts.

French artist François Bossière brings his series of oil paintings entitled Chromotopies to the exhibition. In his creation, he intentionally breaches conventional colour options, for instance, purple covered by yellow, green overlapping with orange, etc., thus an unexpected colour and sound effect emerging. The changing colours, accompanied by original brushwork and the “folded” texture, roll up the passing animals, plants and people. This series of paintings like nature itself present distinct and fresh vitality, because we all know that the most ancient creatures had been self-perpetuating through colour changes. François Bossière goes over his childhood pleasures in discovery and experiment and transfers this feeling into wonderfully visual enjoyment in his works. And the “dance of colour” lightly stretches over the canvas and continues to move forward.

Sen ZHANG’s unusual talent finally begins to get rid of the extraordinarily powerful control of conventional thinking squeezed around him. It is painting that makes him burst out the strength of nature and enables him to stick to his duty for life. The exhibition presents his sketch works of different periods and the recent oil creations, which clearly show that the talent and true disposition will never be destroyed by techniques. Instead, they will be freely and cheerfully enriched in techniques.

Qianwei SUN and Yuqing ZHANG are really two miracles in art. They, without any care for historical memory or symbolic significance of colour and any painting techniques, present us an art feast of master through a highly playful spirit and the most sincere attitude towards life. When watching their works, whom will you think of? Robert Delaunay? Or Jackson Pollock?

Hong XIE, a creator without any fine arts education background, picked up the painting brush at her 50s and starts her art brut creation. Perhaps due to the final release of nature endowed by God, she needs simply to quietly feel her heart. It seems that there is an invisible power controlling her painting brush, her hands moving with her heart. From simple and unadorned lines to a state of “forgetting everything”, she just cannot stop and will never be willing to stop.

Photo: At the opening party

In the evening, Mr Dalin YANG and Mrs Dong YANG held a salon on film music, sharing with visitors music pieces in Amadeus, a 1984 period drama film directed by Miloš Forman about the genius of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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