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T43i – Workshop on post-earthquake restoration sustainable development

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Workshop presentation

Three topics are confirmed in this workshop after having positive discussion with the European prime mover, which are: risk study of the secondary disaster in the earthquake-hit area; construction and sustainable development of the new rural aera; the participation of the homosexuals for the reconstruction of the post-earthquake reconstruction. Above these, we impel the communication of the environmental protection association and stuff reply on Chengdu ecological community demonstration (Annong village of Dujiangyan), and also provide sustainable development guidance for this aera.

Topic for discussion

- What vision, ideas, lessons and/or methods on sustainable reconstruction can Europe share with China, particularly with respect to reconstruction of Sichuan Province affected by the Wenchuan earthquake?
- How are the various economic and social sectors including urban areas, rural areas (e.g., agricultural villages) and industry reconstructing and recovering from the earthquake? Is it sustainable? Can we identify/ recommend sustainable reconstruction practices?
- What lessons can the Chinese partners learn from Europe in terms of coordination, organization and cooperation of the different agencies /groups such as farmers, minorities, and homosexuals that participate in reconstruction?
- Identification and evaluation of multi-risk and vulnerability assessment methods to be adapted and applied within the Chinese context (particularly Sichuan Province).
- Development of a workshop on sustainable reconstruction methods and practices and application of a participatory multi-risk assessment to a case study community in Sichuan Province.

About us

Chinese Prime mover: Ai Nanshan, Professor of geography at Sichuan University, former Vice President of Lanzhou University and former Counselor of Education of Chinese Embassy in Germany. Email address: ainanshan@126.com

Chinese Assistant: Di Baofeng Email address: diwubf@gmail.com