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Pierre Calame interviewing at Qiangguo BBS

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The president of the China-Europa forum Pierre Calame had an interview at Qiangguo BBS on the People Net on March 25. Mr. Calame answered the questions asked by Chinese netizens about the topic of transformation to a sustainable society.

Mr. Calame said we don’t lack global systems for coordination. We need the most is the mode of thinking and the movers who are able to achieve the course of action for a sustainable society. He also mentioned those counties having great civilization are quite aware of the importance of thinking and solving the problems in the development.

He gave a definition of a sustainable society when asked by the netizens. A sustainable society depends on three relations, between people, between societies, and between human being and biosphere. And we are not dealing very well with the three relations right now.

The interview lasted for one and half an hour. Mr. Calame said he is an old friend of Qiangguo BBS and he hopes China-Europa forum can bring some changes for the two societies.


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