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Agenda of Tripartite Preparatory Meeting in Paris

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Jointly Heading for the Future We Want Dialogue of China-Europe-South America (CESA) Civil Societies in Rio+20

Action 1: Tripartite Dialogue of CESA Civil Societies in Rio+20

First stage: Tripartite Preparatory Meeting in Paris

Time: 20 April 2012 Location: FPH meeting room, Paris Objective: The preparatory meeting is designed to invite representatives or prime movers of Chinese, European and South American civil society organizations for their first face-to-face dialogue. Content:
-  To exchange and share their preparations for Rio+20, their understandings of the concept of sustainability, and practices
-  To try to put forward a proposal for the shared proposal for Rio+20
-  To map the route for Tripartite Dialogue and Collaborations in June and the future

Language: French and Chinese


9h30: welcome coffee

9h45-10h00: Presentation of China-Europa Forum’s vision for the Tripartite Dialogue in Rio and latest developments in the Chinese side 10h-11h30: presentation of the Chinese, European and South American partners and their respective preparation for Rio+20

-  Collectif Rio+20  composition and proposals  contribution of the French Collectif to European positions  perspectives from a European NGO network focusing on European development co-operation

-  Chinese coalition for Rio+20  composition and proposals  context and perspectives  Partnerships (Asian…)

-  South American civil society  Brazilian context and composition of civil society committee  Main proposals  WSF dynamics in South America

11h30 -13h00: vision of a future we want /we share  Limitation of resources, density of population and paths of transition  Focus on : o Sustainable consumption and production o Corporate responsibility o Sustainable territories, sustainable cities and governance o Low, high and no technologies o Cultural and relational satisfaction versus over-consumption o Responsibility and International right

13h00 -14h00: lunch

14h00 -15h00: summary of the discussions of the morning

 Outcomes: can we define a common trend scenario and qualify the extent of the change we want to push forward

15h00 -17h00: Rio as a starting point of a long term tripartite dialogue
-  Side event and self-organized activities in Rio  Message  Organization and media
-  Rio+20 and beyond  Convergences in terms of dynamics, networks and priorities (national, regional, international)  Next steps

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