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Pierre Calame Meets Vice Mayor of Chengdu

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On March 26th, 2010, Mr. Calame, president of the China-Europa Forum (FCE), accompanied by Ms. Yu Shuo, director of FCE, had a cordial meeting with Mr. Bai Gang, vice mayor of Chengdu, capital city of Sichuan Province, for the cooperation between FCE and Chengdu.

Mr. Bai Gang had a high opinion of the upcoming third China-Europa Forum in July. He was looking forward to setting up a sub-forum in Dujiangyan, a county-level city of Chengdu. He believed that Chengdu was qualified for holding an international conference because its profound historical and cultural resources had gradually shaped inclusiveness and cosmopolitan traits of Chengdu citizens. Moreover, the second development campaign of the western regions would be a brand new opportunity for both Chengdu and the world. It would call for the participation of top-level experts and scholars. Mr. Bai Gang insisted that Chengdu should be a destination rather than a visiting place for Mr. Calame and his delegation, because Chengdu’s development corresponded perfectly with the topics of the Forum. He indicated that Chengdu would compete actively for the bid for the host of the fifth Forum.

Mr. Calame thought highly of the support from Chengdu and expressed his gratitude to Mr. Bai. He said that the essence of great civilization was more than material existence. According to Mr. Calame, a city would be an important unit in the future governance pattern of the world, and its integrating force would be powerful beyond a nation. Therefore, it would be rather significant if Chengdu joined China-Europa Forum as an independent identity. "The Forum is the common wealth of the whole world, so everyone not only has the right to make decisions on it, but also has the obligation to involve its maintenance and development."

This meeting laid a solid foundation for the future cooperation between China-Europa Forum and Chengdu.



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